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Andreas has always had a passion for story telling and the arts, but took the long route to becoming a film maker. After years of obtaining degree in Economics, and a couple more of years working in the finance industry, Andreas left his career in finance permanently to pursue his dream of being a film maker, as he wanted to be able to do something to help and inspire people.

Andreas has produced many short films, sketches and webseries, from comedies to dramas such as A New Life, First World Relationships and Back in the Game. Having never attended formal film school Andreas says that these were his "film school", helping him gain experience and learn from mistakes, to be able to make the dive into feature films. Bad Influence will be his debut feature as a Writer/Director.

Andreas aims to keep making feature films, in Australia and overseas, as well as pursuing a career in Television.

Andreas draws a lot of influence from film directors Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorcese and Christopher Nolan. His primary comedic influences are Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Judd Apatow.

His work usually deals with raw human issues revolving around greed, mental illness, crime, and social interaction.

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Andreas Toumbas on The Pagey Train podcast

Andreas joins Roscoe on the Pagey Train podcast to talk everything about film making - film, TV, the craft and how he became a Director.

He talks about getting into film making, making shorts, web series' and then his debut feature A Bad Influence.

Watch the video or

Listen to the Podcast:

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